Welcome, Welcome,  Welcome!!!

Here we are at my first ever personal running season!! The beginning of my transformation from a couch potato, struggling to tie his shoe lace aroundstomach mountain, very badly behaving diabetic. Into a dead sexy, running machine, who shops at all the skinny people stores… or something close to that!

Current progress
Current progress


I have mapped out my season complete with a pre-season filled with training, & local 5ks. My season will consist of 6 half marathons & 1 full marathon in a seven month span. Races from the east coast of Florida, across the state to the west coast. From Florida to California and Pennsylvania for a crazy meet-up with my Sub-30 running group.

Well I plan on running some races for personal bests and jogging some just for fun. Plan on meeting as many crazy, awesome, interesting people as I can. In the end though, I plan on impressing myself with accomplishment, inspiring my family, getting healthier, but overall enjoying and living my life… One mile at a time!

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