Well as part of my first own running season, I decided that it would be nice to put together my own “preseason”!

I don’t follow a training plan, I basically fill in runs when I can & increase the mileage gradually. My preseason will consist of your typical training runs, and local 5ks
to get me race minded. Now like my races that I have planned for later I will run some of these just for fun with no time goals and 1 with a PR time goal In mind.image

RACE 1: The Lake Nona pig run 5k! It’s a small local race that’s not even timed and had no bibs, but what it did have was… Wait for it… DUNKIN DONUTS as a sponsor!! The draw was that at 1.5 miles there is a donut pit stop, yeah, now your all about this race huh!?
My good running buddy Kelly Scott’s birthday fell on race day, so we decided that getting her a PR would be awesome (and by we I mean me). The race race ran through some lovely local neighborhoods, it was hot but not as humid as usual. The course had tons of trees on it so the shade was greatly appreciated, overall not my thing as far as a coarse goes but it was nice. Now for the part where you will find every thing went horribly wrong… In keeping our PR goal we skipped the donut pit stop… I will let you recover from that, take your time. Back yet? Okay then, we continued on our way and crossed the line with a brand new fresh 5k PR for her!!!

Sweet bling:


1:1 walk intervals + no donuts = success! 1 preseason run done, 3 to go!


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