Meeting amazing people has been one of the greatest things running has gifted me. One of those gifts has been the Facebook group “The Sub-30 Club”. Started by a gentleman named Ted Spiker, while on his quest for a healthier life, he made a goals of running a sub 30 minute 5k. People have come from far and wide to join the group, many are on the way to the sub-30 goal and many have already conquered it. The amazing part is that most of the folks who have completed the feat have stayed on to provide advise, inspiration, & share their new goals! Topics from 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, full marathons, ultra runs, bacon, foods, destination races… And so much more.


Preseason race #3: run for the trees 5k. A local running store that I frequent put this race on. The awesomeness of the race is that instead of a finishers medal at the end, everyone receives a small tree to plant! I signed up for this run because in a post of the sub-30 club another member mentioned it and we talked and decided to run it together! We met up pre-race, and decided that we would go at his pace which would bring us in at a 31-33 5k. The coarse again was through neighborhoods but with much bigger houses than the last, the nicest part of the coarse was a 3/4 run through a private dirt road that is closed off to the public and only opened up once a year just for this race.
Beautiful variety of trees, a new running friend, we came in at our goal, and I got my tree, overall an awesome day!


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