GOAL RACE: preseason race #3 was my sub-30 5K goal race. I have run 2 sub-30 5ks before but barely: 29:59 & 29:58. This time I wanted to crush my way into the sub-30 mark. I chose the chocolate sundae 5k in Sanford FL. It is a flat coarse, chip timed through beautiful downtown Sanford. This coarse was more of what I like than the last 2, more scenery! The draw of the race: Every finisher received a free sundae!

In order to get my sub-30 goal I made 3 big changes to my routine:

1) Warm-up, never really do anything pre-race besides some lame stretches. Today I ran a mile at a 1 minute walk/run ratio, felt pretty loose, built up the pre-race confidence.

2) Move toward the front of the start line, felt good not having to weed through so many walkers, saved a ton of time and energy. Stayed to the right so not to disturb racers that were faster than I.

3) Mental toughness is a bitch, most races as soon as I start feeling tired, winded, sore, just about anything I back off the gas, this one I sucked it up and pushed, mentally told myself that I could.

For all these changes I was rewarded with a 27:36 finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!

Extra special was my wife being there running her first 5k/race in 2+ years, and the chocolate sundaes they were handing out at the end weren’t so bad ;)!

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